Monthly for normal use, weekly for heavy use, wash thoroughly with soap and water, remove all suntan oil, rinse well with water, allow to air dry or towel dry. Stubborn stains may be removed with mineral spirits.  We recommend biodegradable, orange peal degreaser and cleaner with hot water and a mop or sponge.

Monthly, Inspect for loose nuts on backs and adjusting back braces, tighten as needed, inspect for missing plastic feet and replace, touchup any scrapes using touch-up provided by Medallion, this will prevent any salt intrusion under the paint.


Monthly for normal use, weekly for heavy use, wash thoroughly with soapy water to remove all suntan oil, and stains. We recommend biodegradable, orange peal degreaser and cleaner with hot water and a mop or sponge.   Do not use a brush to clean the fabric but only a cloth or sponges.  Any stubborn stain spots can be cleaned with bleach and orange peal concentrate.  Avoid leaving suntan oils or stains on the cushions for more than a week, as this makes it very difficult to clean after the sun has dried suntan oils for several days.  People using suntan oils should use towels.  Sunbrella cushion fabrics are 100% acrylic materials and are color fast.  Sunbrella awning grade fabrics have a water repellent, which will prevent the cushion from saturating with water and oils.  Removing stains quickly is very easy and the key to easy maintenance to keep them looking nice for the life of the fabric.


Monthly, fresh water wash the cover and frame, remove any stains same as cushions, above.  Avoid covers flopping in the breeze by raising the umbrella until it is taut.  Loose umbrella covers will flop in the breeze and pull out stitching and greatly reduce the life of the cover and frame.  Inspect for any loose hardware and immediately tighten.


MONTHLY, fresh water wash the frames and covers; remove any bird droppings with a long handle brush.  Cut bushes and tree limbs around the awnings to avoid limbs from brushing against the covers.

Six months, soap covers with soft long handle brushes and fresh water rinse.  Inspect all hardware and tighten as needed.  Touch-up the painted frames.  Tighten the ropes as needed, DO NOT ALLOW THE COVERS TO LOOSEN AND FLAP IN THE WIND. 


FRAME:  Medallion warrants our frames for a period of three years against defects in materials or workmanship which includes breakage to welds of the metal frames under normal use.  Unreasonable abuse, normal wear and tear, bent legs due to leaning back or forward on two legs are not covered under this warranty.

VINYL STRAPS: Three years against vinyl breakage.  This warranty does not cover fading or discoloring.  Medallion will furnish new straps in the event of breakage.

Cushion fabrics are not covered by this warranty.

SLINGS:  Slings are covered for one year against manufacturing defects, including fabric separation and seams pulling loose.  Fading, ripping of the material and normal wear and tear are excluded from this warranty.

FINISH:  Three years for defective powder coating finish resulting in blistering, peeling or flaking.  This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear due to elements exposure. Abuse resulting in scratching or otherwise harming the finish is not covered by this warranty.  The finish can be extended by keeping the furniture clean and free of salt and dirt build-up when close to the ocean.  Wash with soap and water regularly.

GENERAL:  Medallion reserves the option to repair or replace furniture under our warranty.  All warranty claims are to be made directly with the factory.  Dealers and salesmen are not authorized and cannot handle warranty claims.  This is a consumer warranty direct with the factory, only the factory can handle warranty claims.  Handling and transportation costs are not covered under this warranty and must be prepaid by the owner of the furniture.  Normal wear, accidental damage, unreasonable or abusive use or repairs made or attempted by unauthorized persons are not covered by this warranty.

Customer must present the original invoice for any warranty work.




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